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Beaded Flower Bracelet | Daisy Chain Macrame Whimsical Fun Summer

  • These bracelets just scream summer! I have even created different sizing for mommy and me styles!



    These bracelets are handmade with knotting cord and seed beads. The insides of the flowers are made with metal beads.  These bracelets come in 3 sizes:  6 flowers, 7 flowers, & 8 flowers. Since these are all handmade, sometimes the individual knots are tightened a little tighter than another bracelet creating a bracelet that is a little longer. All of the lengths of each inidivual bracelet are listed with each bracelet. The nylon knotting cord is colorfast, but it is recommended that you take it off while in water. It can get wet, but it will stretch out and will shrink back to normal when it dries. 


    Bracelets that have 6 flowers are approximately 5 inches long and a good length for young children. Bracelets that have 7 flowers are approximately 5 3/4 inches long. Bracelets that have 8 flowers are approximately 6 1/4 inches long. These bracelets are adjustable and this measurement is the smallest that these bracelets get. You don't have to wear it at the smallest measurement. Please email me at for any questions about sizing. 

    While I have created these bracelets for smallers hands, these should not be worn by anyone under 3 years old or anyone who will put these bracelets in their mouth. 



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