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Hello and thanks for visting One House Beads!  We are a handmade jewelry & accessories shop specializing in beaded, wire wrapped, & metal stamped pieces. Owner, Amy Einhaus has always had a love for jewelry and creating beautiful things.  Therefore, making the decision to share her creations was an easy choice when she established One House Beads. Her German last name, Einhaus, translates into the shop name, One House. We hope you enjoy exploring all of our unique & creative pieces and collections.  If you are looking for something specific please don't hesitate to reach out, we'd love to make your vision come to life!



Hi! I'm the sole creator of all the handmade jewelry you'll find on this site. When I'm not making jewelry I'm busy enjoying life with my husband and our amazing little guy!  I have been making jewelry in some form or another since I was a little girl. My love of making jewelry probably started in the 80s when I made friendship bracelets with my sister. It grew from there. I would make simple beaded necklaces here and there over the years. In 2005, I went to a craft fair in Virginia and saw some beautiful jewelry that was, in my mind, fairly simple. That jewelry sparked something in me. I started reading books on basic jewelry making and found more instructions on the internet. I practiced these techniques and always kept an open mind on learning new things from different people.  I take such pride in each and every piece I make and I hope you find something you love while you are visiting!

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