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Customized Penguin Family Ornament | Hand Stamped Metal Ornament

  • Customize the cutest penguin family!!  Nothing cuter than a family of penguins sliding on a glacier! This hand stamped aluminum ornament is a wonderful way to commemorate 2022. You can personalize the family name at the bottom of the ornament and the make up of the penguins (up to 7 penguins)




    -In the text box, please clearly state family name and the type of penguins. Look at the second photo in the listing and use the numbers above the penguins' heads to refer to the penguins that you would like:

    #1: Adult Penguin with Bowtie

    #2: Adult Penguin with Hair bow

    #3: Child Penguin with hair bow

    #4: Child Penguin with bow tie

    #5: Child Penguin just plain

    #6 (not pictured): Adult Penguin just plain


    -If you would like them in a certain order please be specific of the order in which you would like them lined up. Up to 7 penguins can fit in a row. If you would like more, please message me and I'll see what I can do to fit more. 


    -This listing is for a family name and penguins ONLY. Contact us prior to purchasing if you would like other words/phrases stamped onto the ornament or if you would like any changes to the design. Additional fees will apply for custom phrases/designs. 


    -Due to the customization of these ornaments, please allow 1 week production time, not including shipping. Please note that One House Beads will be closed from 11/19/2022 to 11/27/2022. While the online store will be open and you are able to purchase, nothing will be created during this time period and items will not be shipped until after 11/28/2022. 

    -When checking out please leave good contact information in case I have questions. You will not be automatically added to any mailing lists. If the order can not be filled with the information that you provide, and I can not get a hold of you, the order will be cancelled. 


    -Once shipped, the package is out of our hands and into the hands of the USPS. Ornament is approximately 2.75 inches around. the Penguins and glacier are darkened with oil based paint. Snowflakes are painted with paint paint. 2022 is colored with gold paint. The metal in the glacier is texurized with a hammer. After the ornament is stamped it is filed and sanded to get rid of metal burs. The ornaments are not toys and should not be played with by children. 


    -If you have any questions, please email me at

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